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April 26, 2017




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  X-Ray Machine 3D Model 2016-10-21
Download X-Ray Machine 3D Model Low-poly Textured.
X-Ray Machine, Bioshock, X-Ray, doctor, health, panel, machine, tool, playstation
  Faces :2,017 Textured :Yes UV Mapping :Yes  
  Vertices :2,291 Animated :No Materials : Yes  
  X-Ray Machine Low-poly 3d model, Fully textured with UV Mapping and materials, ready to download and use for games & projects.
  Download Low polygon X-Ray in various 3d formats such as Compiled 3DS format, and Wavefront Object format.
  This X-Ray model is not animated, you can rig and animate it by using Voild3D tools.
  Textures attached with this model:
X-Ray Machine X-Ray ABY_XR__2
  X-Ray Machine 3D Model has 2,017 polygon and 2,291 vertices.
  Download:   (349 Hits)

  .3DS    0.59 Mb

  .OBJ    0.37 Mb

  Tags:  Bioshock  X-Ray  doctor  health  panel  machine  tool  playstation 

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