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May 30, 2017




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  Monster Cerberus 3D Model 2016-10-13
Download Monster Cerberus 3D Model Low-poly Textured.
Monster Cerberus, Kingdom Hearts, Cerberus, Monster, Disney, Dragon, cartoon, playstation
  Faces :4,990 Textured :Yes UV Mapping :Yes  
  Vertices :4,091 Animated :No Materials : Yes  
  Monster Cerberus Low-poly 3d model, Fully textured with UV Mapping and materials, ready to download and use for games & projects.
  Download Low polygon Monster in various 3d formats such as Compiled 3DS format, DirectX 9.0 format and Wavefront Object format.
  This Monster model is not animated, you can rig and animate it by using Voild3D tools.
  Textures attached with this model:
Monster Cerberus Cerberus TEXTUR__1 Monster Cerberus Cerberus TEXTUR__2
  Monster Cerberus 3D Model has 4,990 polygon and 4,091 vertices.
  Download:   (1,009 Hits)

  .3DS    0.09 Mb

  .OBJ    0.10 Mb

  .X (DirectX)    0.09 Mb

  Tags:  Kingdom Hearts  Cerberus  Monster  Disney  Dragon  cartoon  playstation 

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